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There are several important points to consider if you plan to carry a firearm.

Self-Defense Weapons do save lives.

According to Gary Kleck, PhD., firearms are used about 2.5 million times a year to stop crimes without a shot being fired.

Never draw a weapon unless you intent to fire it and never draw a weapon just to intimidate.   Deadly force is NOT present – until you actually pull the trigger of your firearm.

Substantial responsibility comes with owning a firearm. Quality training and regular practice  under the supervision of an expert instructor is needed for all who purchase a firearm.

One defensive method is to try and make your enemy think you are crazier than they are. There  are times when loud bluster and “fake” erratic behavior could unnerve an aggressor. When a shooter believes you are unarmed, his bravado becomes pronounced.  However, normally a person who is “under-control” will be viewed as a competent opponent, who is going to “kick your behind” or put a hole in your head.

It is a completely different ballgame when the proposed target can and will shoot back. It is hard to “aim” when you are busy “ducking.” Having the option to shoot back at an assailant determined to take your life, is evened when you have the means to shoot back. The “playing-field” changes dramatically and the assailant must contemplate whether to “bail-out” and disappear or continue their aggressive approach.

What are some indicators of a carjacking about to take place? How about when a group of individuals divide and approach your “static” vehicle from opposite sides at the same time. One attacker targets the driver while the other attackers  approach and try to enter the vehicle at the same time. However, when the “targeted driver” has a gun and shows it; many car-jackers will be deterred and end their attack.

The visibility of a gun can act as a deterrent.  A firearm does prevent many attacks without ever having to be fired.


One advantage of a revolver is you can load the chambers with different rounds of ammunition, such as “soft points” verses fully jacketed, rounds.  Soft point rounds penetrate a person about an inch and expand and stop quickly. The result of being shot with a “soft point” is incredible pain, but is  rarely fatal.

Fully jacketed, rounds tend to penetrate deep into a person’s body. They are of high velocity, causes great damage, and are usually fatal.

Personal Defense:

The goal of personal defense is to stop an impending attack, not to kill.

Fully jacketed, rounds many times over penetrate a person. Jacketed hollow points and to a lesser degree “soft points” likely will expand, causing a larger puncture wound. Jacketed hollow points and soft points are likely to stop the attacker. Jacketed hollow points and soft points can decrease the possibility of over-penetration.

Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapon: TASER X2 Defender

For those who would prefer to carry a non-lethal weapon for self-defense; one of the very best products is the TASER X2 Defender.

High Performance Security now available to the public

The X2 Defender is the most effective, dual shot TASER Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW) now available for personal protection.  taser-x2-defender_2 TASER X3 Home Defender

The Best Choice in Personal Defense

  • Most effective option for personal defense
  • Backup shot and Stun capability
  • Designed to incapacitate multiple attackers simultaneously
  • Protection from a 15-foot distance
  • Warning Arc – without firing the cartridge or unloading the TASER, you can visibly arc electricity across the front of the device and use as a stun gun in close encounters or display charge to an attacker without using force
  • Trusted by law enforcement

Product Features

  • Dual laser sights show you exactly where both probes are expected to hit the attacker
  • Replaceable battery provides 500 firings
  • Compact design weighs only 11.5 ounces
  • Easy trigger pull with no recoil
  • IPX2-rated weatherproof technology increases functionality in tough conditions

Non-lethal weapons by definition are intended to be less likely to kill a living target than conventional weapons. Whenever force is used, people are going to get hurt. With non-lethal weapons, serious injury is reduced. Law enforcement agencies, military forces, and peacekeeping forces; use non-lethal weapons and, or lethal force weapons. Familiarize yourselves with the terms , “less lethal” or “less than lethal weapons,”  also.

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