Seniors – Use your Wisdom and Self Defense Cane!

It is a sad state of events to see our “experienced-national treasures” being injured and killed by people not good enough to “clean their shoes.”

The definition of self preservation is: “Protection of oneself from harm or destruction. Self preservation is a natural or instinctive tendency to act to preserve one’s own existence; to act in your best interest to protect yourself and ensure your survival.”

Self preservation does not mean being helpless! My friends; use whatever you have as a weapon. It is necessary for you to use a can to help you in walking, know that your cane can makes a suitable weapon for fighting off a criminal should you need to do so. There is a new product on the market called a Zap Self Defense Cane with Flashlight that emits 1,000,000 volts of electrical shock, as well as provides physical support while walking.

Carrying your keys in your hand while walking in a parking lot, is almost necessary for making a quick entry into your vehicle, as well as effective senior self defense weapons, should it be necessary to protect yourself. Wedge your key between your fingers to use against an attacker. Your keys can be thrust into an assailant’s eye or used to stab the assailant.

I do not like to talk about hurting someone else; however I am now of the age, limited mobility and with the responsibility for the care of a disabled adult age son, I must protect us. I have learned the hard way during the last six months that I haven’t any business endangering myself whether accidentally or due to stupid pride, because I have the responsibility for the care of another person’s life to consider.

Being of maturer citizen does not mean you are helpless or defenseless. The lessening of physical prowess can be minimized with knowledge and awareness. The ability to recognize potential problems and situations which leaves them in a vulnerable position, needs to be avoided. Senior citizens can learn about the tool of self defense and how to use self defense weapons and self defense methods to defend themselves.

Strike Placement:

You Need To Know Where to Strike an Assailant. Areas of vulnerability such as the throat, nose and eyes, make excellent target points. If a person cannot breathe, see, or their nose is broken; you have accomplished your “necessary” objective of temporarily incapacitating the person who wants to hurt or kill you. If you feel sorry for your assailant, they will kill you. Make your strike with confidence and with conviction. A solid strike to the assailant’s throat will give you to time you need to get to safety. A solid kick “unannounced” kick to the groin of a male assailant will temporarily disable him. Scratching or gouging of the eyes, along with an elbow to the throat or nose, will surely make “your” assailant wish they had never laid eyes on you. A hard kick to their knee with the bottom of your foot or rear “mule-kick” to the person intent on harming you is a body target that will disable them.

Crime Prevention Recommendations – Personal Safety At Home

Safety at the Door

  • If you don’t know the person knocking on your door, do not open the door.
  • I have a storm door that allows me to lower the top window, so I can talk through the screen. This storm door has an excellent lock on it for added protection.
  • Always ask for identification from any representative, salesperson etc., have the person remove their identification and pass it to you under the door or through a mail slot. In my case I would need to ask the person to display the phone number on the card, so I could call their employer to verify the name and business. Refuse to deal with anyone who won’t comply with the request.
  • These days; do not let anyone into use your telephone, never! Take the message and make the call for them.
  • Any unannounced visitor that you do not trust or feel safe with, who knocks at your door, call the police immediately. Keep your door and windows locked.
  • Returning HOME from Outings: On returning from an outing, if you find your door ajar or hear unusual sounds inside, Do NOT Go IN! Turn around walk away from your home. Go to the nearest telephone and call your local police or sheriff’s department. Should you enter your home and discover it has been burglarized, Do NOT Touch anything, until the Law Enforcement Arrive! If a burglar is inside your home, when you walk in, leave immediately if you can.
    • Should the burglar be armed, and you cannot get out of the house; sit down quietly and obey instructions.
    • Study the features of the burglar closely, without being obvious. Height, weight, identifying marks, speech mannerisms, gait, and clothes.
    • DO NOT resist or fight.
    • On the burglar’s departure, call your local police or sheriff’s department immediately.
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